Jason Hartman invites client, Adam Jackson, onto today’s show to discuss how he turned 5 years of investing into 14 properties with infinite returns. Adam shares his story from listening to an audiobook, to our podcast to becoming an investor. This is all coming from a USMC vet and someone in the aerospace industry. 

As well, Jason and Adam discuss the global currency, the Baby-Boomer to Millennial wealth transfer. How will the Millennials treat this wealth transfer, one of the largest wealth transfers to date. Lastly, people are fleeing NYC, or upgrading their NYC apartments.
Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Adam shares what are his “infinite returns” on half of his portfolio.

[5:00] Adam’s story from reading Seven Years to Seven Figures, listening to Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing, and closing on his 14th property. All in 5 years!

[10:00] Gain control of the real estate and then let it work for you. 

[13:00] What were the good/bad experiences in the first five years of investing?

[18:00] Your worst deal was a double-digit ROI?

[21:30] Some people in the income property game think they’re losing when they’re winning because they don’t know how to do the math. 

[24:30] Income property investing vs. Wall St. 

[25:30] Where do you see the US going, from a perspective in tech and aerospace?

[29:00] If not the US, who will take the place of the world’s reserve currency?

[32:45] The Boomer to Millennial wealth transfer.

[34:00] People are fleeing NYC or upgrading their size for the same price.

[36:10] Beyond property tracker, what other apps, tools, or resources do you use?






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