Gary shares his journey from a humble upbringing to financial success through real estate and infinite banking. He highlights the importance of maintaining personal financial control and stewardship to achieve stability and fulfillment in life. Whole life insurance policies are recommended as a secure foundation to store money, coupled with real estate investments and the infinite banking concept. Wealth strategist Gary Pinkerton assists clients in establishing their financial foundation, exploring tax-efficient investments, and maintaining a lifelong relationship to support their financial growth. Also, Andrew Stanton and Gary discuss Andrew’s new podcast The Whole Steward and Gary’s journey to Infinite Banking and dedicating his life to helping others grow Agency in their world.

Episode Highlights

  • Andrew Stanton’s podcast focuses on agency, finances, and stewardship from a deeply religious perspective.
  • Gary shares his background, growing up on a dairy farm in southern Illinois during the 70s and 80s, losing the farm during high inflation, and his decision to pursue a safe, secure job.
  • Gary’s realization during the Great Recession that he had lost half his family’s wealth, leading him to research how the wealthy maintain and grow wealth, and his introduction to infinite banking.
  • Gary discusses his experience on the submarine, focusing on risk tolerance and realizing that it was all just a sales pitch.
  • Gary emphasizes the importance of having control over your finances and not delegating them to someone else.
  • Gary explains his enthusiasm for government-backed loans and his decision to invest in real estate to protect his money from fluctuating interest rates.
  • Gary recommends putting money into whole life insurance rather than banks, citing the historical success of early 1800s companies like Penn Mutual and MassMutual.
  • Gary talks about the opportunity cost of using cash for investments and why it is better to borrow against the policy and make payments back on it.
  • Using the whole life insurance policy as a foundation in the hierarchy of wealth and investing in other assets as the individual moves up in the hierarchy.
  • Gary explains that his role as a wealth strategist includes a lifelong relationship with clients, meeting with them regularly to discuss taxes, investments, and overall financial strategy.

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