What’s the best investment you think will benefit you most financially and career-wise?

In Jeff Cook’s case, he found his calling managing apartments, self-storages, and mobile home parks. As Gary and Jeff discuss during this episode, Jeff shares how they choose and operate parks in their company. Jeff also differentiates the different types of mobile home parks that investors can get their hands on. He also talks about a tremendous fully-operational portfolio of parks they are purchasing this fall.


  • What is the most important thing that investors should know when considering a mobile home park? – 1:53
  • Jeff’s perspective on why they focused on the assets they focused on: Apartments to self-storage and mobile home parks? – 3:49
  • What does he like initially with self-storage and what’s better about mobile home parks right now? – 6:10
  • For most of their parks, are they resident-owned or park-owned? – 9:33
  • Using his experiences and background in construction and commercial, as well as his team, in managing the parks for his business. – 12:31
  • More information about the $65 million funds to handle and manage multi-parks in New York State. – 13:25
  • What’s the minimum investment needed? – 18:19
  • Does he anticipate any substantial depreciation in the years 2021 and 2022 from purchasing these parks? – 19:31
  • Jeff’s contact information. – 20:55
  • A glimpse of who the next guest will be. – 21:59

    Links and Resources from this Episode

  • The Alternative Investment Almanac by Denis Shapiro
  • Connect with Gary Pinkerton
  • https://www.paradigmlife.net/
  • gpinkerton@paradigmlife.net
  • https://garypinkerton.com/
  • Connect with Jeff Cook
  • https://cookpropertiesny.com/
  • 585-233-4699
  • jeffcook@cookpropertiesny.com 

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