In uncertain economic times, your best financial asset is cash and cash flow. Building a war chest is preparing for the winter that will eventually come and related is a mistake that so many make of expecting their rental properties to immediately fund their lifestyle. It is a longer game than that, listen in to find out why!

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of building a financial war chest due to uncertain economic times
  • Possibility of a recession and the impact of stopping the velocity of money
  • Predictions for the future: US currency default, digital currency, green energy shift and electric vehicles
  • Learning from Robert Kiyosaki: Making money on the purchase, not on the sale
  • The meaning behind not eating the cash flow
  • Doing the math: Achieving financial freedom through real estate investments
  • The ideal investment: Income, Depreciation, Equity building, Appreciation, and Leverage
  • Importance of leveraging in wealth creation
  • Finding balance by building a war chest, not eating the cash flow, and teaching the younger generation

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