What motivates you? Whenever you’re feeling fearful, down, or in doubt, what do you do?

Gary talks about the differences between motivation and agency. He raises an important question “How do you live without fear?”

Gary also discusses life without fear of the omicron variant or anything else that social media is trying to feed you. He reiterates the value of living an abundant life on your terms.


  • Focus for today: Acting without fear and getting what you want out of life. – 0:22
  • What Gary first thought after seeing the word agency. – 1:09
  • The difference between motivation and agency. – 3:06
  • How do you live without fear? – 5:14
  • Are you already safe? Learning from the article: National Immunity. – 7:15
  • Using common-sense is a way that you can develop a no-fear scenario. – 13:42
  • Another way to reduce fear. – 13:46
  • What is causing the greatest fear? – 14:31
  • A challenge Gary wants you to do in the coming weeks. – 19:59
  • The human mind is so powerful that what we focus on happens. – 24:57

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