Can saving money be fun?

While most people get a rush of excitement whenever they are buying something they want, there are also others who feel happy and content after saving money.

In this episode, Gary discusses a brief overview of the 2022 tax reduction strategies and a couple that are still available, then introduces a proven system he’s implementing with select clients to decouple saving and spending, allowing them to predictably grow wealth.

Gary also talks about how saving money can be exciting and how it can be a good thing for people to do. He shares how delayed gratification is not fun, but it is a good thing to do.


  • What Gary is up to this
  • Can saving be fun?
  • Reading the Family Success Triangle
  • Delayed gratification vs the joy of spending
  • Benefits of gamification in savings plans
  • Decoupling income and consumption
  • What is Currence?
  • The three movements of money
  • Different types of incomes taxes and how they can impact your savings
  • Tax rates for business owners and W2 employees
  • Tax advantages of real estate investments
  • How to create a cash flow engine
  • Why should you start automating your savings?
  • How you can start increasing your wealth

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