Gary interviews David Shirkey again to talk about family retreats. David shares not only about the topics their family talks about during family meetings, but also the importance of equality when making family decisions. Gary also discusses the difference between conservative values and liberal ideas, as well as collectivists and individualists.


  • What are the seven goals of family financing? – 1:15
  • What are David and his family doing at legacy? – 7:56
  • How often do the Shirkeys do family retreats? What are the topics that they discuss during meetings? – 11:27
  • There’s equality in making family decisions: My five-year-old daughter has an equal vote to her 65-year-old grandma and grandpa. – 14:28
  • You don’t just take the first group family vacation and this will just work out. You start off smaller. – 16:42
  • Lessons David learned when dealing with making family decisions. – 17:26
  • Letting kids and younger members of the family participate when making important family decisions. – 19:01
  • How important are the fun activities in family events to get people excited? What are David’s recommended places to go to? – 21:19
  • Defining the legacy of family and the family mission statement is a hard and difficult starting point. – 23:36
  • What to expect with the next episode. – 26:36
  • Difference between conservative values and liberal ideas. – 27:06
  • Collectivist and individualist: What’s the difference? – 27:57
    All individual effort and production is for the common good of the many. All assets should be redistributed. – 30:08

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