Challenges are inevitable in life. We know not when or how often they will come, nor how they will turn out, but remembering that Challenges and Opportunities are the same thing, separated only by how you respond is one of the keys to continuing to thrive in the face of unexpected change. I’m going through a substantial and unexpected business change right now and was reminded of many of the tools I’ve learned to navigate these times. Since my primary audience is business owners seeking resiliency and Agency, it is fitting that I pass along these observations and recommendations for when you next find yourself in a similar place.



  • Peace during turmoil focus.
  • Chinese Farmer story introduction.
  • Neighbors’ perception and “Maybe” response.
  • Conscription officers and son’s broken leg.
  • Consequences of misfortune or good fortune.
  • The importance of maintaining peace.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dog That Didn’t Bark.”
  • Importance of resilience and being prepared.
  • Importance of maintaining liquidity and resources.
  • Turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Coaching and gratitude praying.
  • Remaining calm and growing from experiences.


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