Doesn’t it feel good to own several real estate properties? Imagine owning several passive income streams which you can take advantage of once you go on retirement.

But are there downsides to investing in real estate?

For today’s special holiday episode, Gary talks about the proven steps of building a business. He shares about the things he’s thankful for this holiday. He also points out how inflation affects the housing market and what will happen when we start to increase the interest rates and the possible ways to fix it.


  • Gary’s goal: Attracting like-minded people who are trying to make a difference. – 0:57
  • Believing that there are things out there that are bringing the whole idea of thinking to grow rich. – 2:09
  • What are the things you’re thankful for this holiday? – 5:59
  • What happens when a new crew member comes to the submarine? – 10:47
  • The steps of building a business. – 12:06
  • The short-term goals. – 16:39
  • Why do they talk about the number of cases instead of the number of deaths? – 18:03
  • The reason Gary is talking about the topic. – 20:16
  • How inflation affects the housing market. – 22:54
  • What happens when we start to increase the interest rates? – 27:56
  • How to fix it? – 31:13

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  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose book: 

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