In the third installment of this series, Gary spoke with David Shirkey again to discuss the lessons in Kim Butler’s book, Perpetual Wealth. They shared passing important financial lessons to the next generation. David shares that having a prosperous mindset should be on top of every parent’s list. Gary also mentioned that, if you want to keep rolling forward, you should keep pushing your goalposts forward and pursue something that you’re really passionate about.


  • Start where you are in the process and build from there. – 5:30
  • Points that Kim raised in Chapter 13: Raising Kids to be Financially Responsible. – 6:18
  • Why is having a prosperous mindset should be on top of every parent’s list? – 8:21
  • How do we mentor young people? – 9:26
  • A little bit about David’s nephew. – 12:28
  • We all feel like at some level, we have fallen short at our kids. – 16:25
  • Who are Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart? – 20:18
  • Pursue something that you’re passionate about and never quit. – 22:55
  • You have to keep pushing those goalposts forward, you have to keep rolling forward so you’ll not fall backwards. – 24:07

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