I’m starting to hear more ‘experts’ talking about the next housing correction. Are they correct? And what else is in store for us in these unprecedented financial times?

For today’s episode, Gary also gave his takeaways from Master Key Part 13 and with Craig’s help, CASHFLOW Quadrant Chapter 10.


  • What will happen after the war between Ukraine and Russia
  • How you can offset the impact of inflation
  • Why there are people who only perform at their highest level when working as individuals
  • The lessons and excerpts from Chapter 13 of the Master Key System
  • Why working out or exercising in the morning is important
  • What the cause of failure of every failure is
  • Why owning a business is super efficient
  • Learnings from Chapter 10 of CASHFLOW Quadrant
  • The assets that Craig is working on and paying for right now
  • What the best asset to invest in is
  • The three qualities of people who are going from wealthy to poor
  • How to grow and make the the third generation family prosper more than the first generation
  • The big thing missing when you look at the middle classes’ income statement and balance sheet
  • The best place for money, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

    Links and Resources from this Episode

  • Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant
  • The Master Key
  • Connect with Gary Pinkerton
  • https://www.paradigmlife.net/
  • gpinkerton@paradigmlife.net
  • https://garypinkerton.com/ 

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