With great money comes great taxes. But is it possible not to pay that much tax, even after a hefty payday?

Gary, together with his mastermind group and Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle, discuss the resilient personal finances and Infinite Banking in a Masterclass. He touches several financial terms such as agency in a social setting, the hierarchy of wealth, insurances, and infinite banking. Gary also responds to different questions surrounding insurances and taxes.


  • What is an agency in a social setting? – 5:20
  • The reason why they lost their farm. – 6:39
  • His goal in life. – 8:09
  • The book Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. – 10:31
  • What is the hierarchy of wealth? – 11:02
  • How to start saving taxes. – 14:19
  • What is infinite banking? – 18:56
  • The two types of insurance in America. – 21:53
  • How quickly can you access your funds in a whole life policy? – 24:36
  • Three ways to access your money. – 28:26
  • Is it easier to remake a Roth IRA tax status than life insurance? – 33:03
  • Usual insurance companies that Gary uses. – 36:15
  • For people who want to do it on a monthly basis or lower payments, how does it work? 36:56
  • Is there an option for couples or is it always for individuals? – 39:01

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