If you want to have the badge of freedom, then possess a gun. A man without one subjects himself to slavery.

Gary talks about the predictable gun control response to the gut-wrenching tragedy in the TX school and why it is vital to resist. Then, he also provides some insights toward success in your business and life with Master Key chapter 15 and Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Chapter 16.


  • Texas elementary school shooting
  • Justin Trudeau’s gun control efforts in Canada
  • Did the 18-year-old kid legally obtain the gun?
  • Klaus Schwab and the conspiracy behind the world economic forum
  • Falling into the pit of dictatorship
  • What the lessons from Part 15 and 16 of the Master Key System is
  • Why should you have an abundance mindset?
  • Conditions, good or bad give us wisdom and growth
  • Proper application of principles in life
  • The second amendment
  • Why expect disappointments?
  • The importance of having a mentor
  • The difference between a mentor and a coach
  • People on the right and left side of the quadrant: who embraces mistakes?

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