Gary interviews Jeremy Cordon, founder and president of Goldback, a company producing gold-backed bills for small transactions. Made through vacuum deposition, Goldbacks are available in New Hampshire, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah and are accepted by 500-1,000 businesses. Over a million people own Goldbacks and the company plans to scale up production to meet the demand for inflation-proof currency. Gary appreciates the educational value of Goldbacks as they enable more people to own gold and promote sound money principles. 

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Episode Highlights

  • How Goldbacks fit into this system, making them legal for use as a bartering tool in trade and exchange
  • Jeremy expresses the idea that central banks may adopt the Goldback technology in the future as other options fail
  • Most people who own Goldbacks are brand new to sound money and precious metals, and it is a powerful educational tool
  • Activists are using Goldbacks as tips, gifts, and garage sales to educate the population about sound money
  • To create the future you want to see, you have to win over hearts and minds, and the Goldback is a powerful tool for that

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