With everything happening in the world right now, how do you think the country can add value to the world?

Today’s episode circles around the current events: From the possible reasons behind the attack of Russia to learning how to produce more than what we can consume to add value to the world.

Gary also talks about the positive that will result in America and the West from the coming recession and hard times – Strong people who have Agency. Together with Craig Clifford, they cover Imagination in Master Key part 8 and How to Invest with your Mind in Cashflow Quadrant Chapter 6.


  • Possible reasons behind the Russian attack
  • Good times then create weak people
  • Learning how to produce more than what we can consume and adding value to the world
  • What America did to become an industrialized nation
  • Developing the hate or that negative reaction to things is what will cause you to be distracted
  • Is imagination the key to success?
  • Craig’s takeaway with the three R’s of Robert Kiyosaki
  • Why nine out of ten investors are not making money
  • What two emotions make you indebted to the system
  • Why bill consolidation is a smart move
  • What dopamine rush is

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