Earn money and spend it on yourself.

It is always a good time to buy real estate. Besides, if you start renting out your property to somebody else, it can cover your mortgage — or even better!

But why should you start buying rental houses today?

Gary proves that now is the time to start buying your own real estate property. In this episode, he talks about the three things that you can do with your property as well as the dimensional benefits of owning one. Gary also shares the different ways of spending money.


  • Is Puerto Rico a great place to start a business? – 0:18
  • The situation in Australia: The volunteer quarantine camps. – 5:26
  • Who is George Gammon? – 12:50
  • Why is he selling real estate? – 13:01
  • Inflation is around us everywhere. – 17:15
  • Three things that you can do. – 17:59
  • How is the guy swimming upstream? – 20:34
  • The many-dimensional benefits of holding real estate. – 22:25
  • Is the government getting bigger help to the people? – 25:29
  • The four ways to spend money. – 26:43
  • Earning money and spending it on somebody else. – 28:38
  • Take somebody else’s money and spend it for yourself. – 29:59
  • Taking somebody else’s money and spending it on somebody else. – 30:58
  • How is the government’s spending going to cause inflammation? – 32:28
  • Why is George’s idea of being a contrarian a mistake? – 32:50
  • The reason why Gary is getting real estate right now. – 34:56

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