Gary Pinkerton talks with Denny Gillem, 22 year veteran in the Army, first as an Airborne Ranger with two combat tours, for which he was awarded two purple hearts and seven awards for Valor for his heroism. Colonel Gillem also served as a Mideast War Planner while serving at US Readiness Command, the predecessor unit to U.S. Special Operations Command, at MacDill AFB.

Denny and Gary look at what’s happening in America today to give us the environment we’re in, as well as his book The Smiling Ranger and what kind of short stories he has in it.

Key Takeaways:

[4:12] Where are the current risks to the American Way?

[8:15] We’re breeding distrust into the next generation

[14:42] What The Smiling Ranger is about

[18:40] What Denny’s Frontlines of Freedom podcast is about


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