I open this early 2024 episode with reflection on the 3-day goals event I attended, add observations on the vital Iowa Caucus and end with a heart-warming and incredibly well-timed letter from a client.


  • The various goal-setting methods that Gary tried in the past and the lessons learnt
  • Achievements and setbacks from the past year
  • Importance of relying on oneself for success instead of perspectiveless investing
  • The sentiment of self-reliance and self-perception as an asset
  • Support for President Trump due to his alignment with their personal beliefs and values
  • Analysis of lobalists and their ideologies
  • Commitment to a mission of providing inexpensive energy and nurturing industrial progress
  • A personal letter received from a client and how the letter lifted their spirits during a challenging period
  • Client’s aspirations for giving back and mentoring younger generations in personal finance and various trades
  • A client’s interest in bringing a leadership program to their local school district, demonstrating the circular nature of inspiration


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