Agency, the ability to live life on your terms, is the product of financial knowledge and cash flowing assets. Most people focus on real estate when seeking cash flow, and while effective, it is extremely slow to achieve. Business cash flow can be and for centuries has been a much faster method and enables agency at a far greater scale than real estate can achieve alone. True agency requires betting on the Number 1 asset, YOU…and a business is a more direct reflection of your value than is your rental property.


  • The inherent freedoms of living and doing business in Cape Coral and how it attracts new residents
  • Importance of focusing on directly owned businesses to gain agency and preserving freedoms in America
  • The benefits of owning real estate over other investments like gold, stressing the importance of directly owned assets for financial growth
  • Why you should jump in, learn and gain experience in the investment and property market
  • The success story of clients who turned their pet care industry knowledge into a profitable business venture
  • The industrialization’s role in creating financial dependence and degradation of family units
  • The resurgence of small, local businesses for a stronger nation
  • How to regain control of their unique genius and use it to build personal wealth, agency, and independence

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