Join me and Clarity Advisors Show host Ken Trupke as we discuss the importance of agency in a free society and lessons in culture and leadership I learned with nearly 30 years as a Captain in the Nuclear Submarine force.



  • Gary’s beliefs on individual agency and how his services aim to improve his client’s situations
  • The need for individuals to maintain control of their lives and assets
  • Gary’s analogy from Jim Rohn about the value of becoming a millionaire – not for the money, but for the personal growth required to achieve such wealth
  • The importance of having control over things that are important in life
  • Value of leading by example and praises in public while reprimanding in private
  • How ‘bad news always gets worse with time’
  • The best approach is to address bad news as soon as it is identified
  • Having a balanced approach to consuming information from different perspectives to understand all sides and be more open to ideas
  • The value of individuals reaching out to him, mainly business owners or real estate investors

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