Today, it is vital that America wakes up our true leaders of agency, not those in DC, but those in the small towns and big cities that have a rocket full of value inside and are afraid or confused of what happens when they ignite it. Gary’s Gulch is about attracting these agency-filled leaders, helping them maximize their resources and become people and companies of true significance in a time the whole world needs it. 


Come join me and light that rocket!


Episode Highlights

  • Gary’s interpretation of agency

  • The crucial role of personal agency in one’s life

  • A personal crisis of being involved in a suspected Ponzi scheme

  • The significance of looking at obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth

  • Military-industrial complex and his disagreement with some war policies

  • The importance of insurance as part of your safety

  • His admiration for a mentor and friend, Tammi Brannan, who frequently talks about the concept of “big hairy audacious goals” (BHAG)

  • The inspiration for promoting the idea that everyone should aim for their BHAG


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