In this episode I discuss the actions you need to take in these last few weeks of the year if you want to prevent loss of your Agency through unnecessary tax payments. I give resources you can review to grow your financial Knowledge which brings Control over your resources and thus Agency. Have a listen and reach out to me if I can help you in these remaining weeks!



  • Spend time reviewing previous podcasts and discussions on tax strategies.
  • Shares a client’s story about selling property in a cyclical market, exploring different tax strategies and considerations.
  • The idea of 1031 tax deferred exchanges, and how they can sometimes lead to risky situations.
  • Gives advice on questions to ask your CPA, and offers to help listeners understand their tax return.
  • Ways to offset taxes, such as real estate professional status and running your own short-term rental.
  • Greater financial knowledge leads to greater control over financial assets, ultimately resulting in greater agency over one’s entire life.

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