I play a powerful speech from a scholar of decades ago clearly defining the difference from our constitutional republic and the democracy, the socialist equality that the left is so feverishly trying to put in place. Our founding fathers warned us time and time again to not go down this path. Please listen and help me protect this 250 year old experiment in freedom!


  • Constitutional Republic vs. Democracy.
  • Impact of Donations on Voting.
  • Historical Speech: America’s Founding Principles.
  • Founding Fathers’ Fear of Democracy.
  • America’s Misidentification as a Democracy.
  • Tocqueville on Congress and Public Bribery.
  • Criticism of Biden’s Executive Orders.
  • Democracy Leading to Dictatorship.
  • Importance of Liberty and Agency.
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Controversy.
  • The Role of the Supreme Court in Executive Powers.

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