In this episode, I use the great Benjamin Franklin quote to discuss how to raise entrepreneurial children, save on taxes, and create value-driven companies. 

For a backdrop, I give some takeaways from Charles Koch’s book, Good Profit, where he shares the success secrets of their family of companies.

Episode Highlights

  • Exploring the tax strategies for business owners
  • Letting your children to work for your business
  • Exploring the benefits of teaching children about business and entrepreneurship
  • Paying children for self-employment tax savings
  • Tax strategies for starting a business and paying family members
  • Charles Koch’s book, Good Profit, and the American Dream Story
  • Charles Koch’s market-based management principles
  • The power of character: How to achieve good profit through values
  • Two things that can go wrong when you have a stated vision and you don’t treat it correctly
  • Key principles for successful leadership
  • 10 keys to successful business management

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