Gary spoke with David Shirkey about family legacy and starting with investments. Both of them agree that net worth is defined by a person’s net worth. David started by joining an investment group up to starting his own group to help and share his knowledge with other people regarding investments. Not only that, but Gary also shares his insights about conservative and liberal values and their connection with the current COVID-19 issues.


  • Changes to the next few episodes to make them more impactful. – 0:10
  • What are the aspects that can help a family’s financial wellbeing? – 4:23
  • There are no bad investments, only bad investors. – 4:28
  • Who is David? – 7:49
  • How joining an Investment Group sparked his interest in investing. – 12:13
  • Starting his own investors’ group. – 13:12
  • Role in investing the family’s dollars and making recommendations to move forward. – 16:50
  • We can talk about values with our family. We can be prudent and build this hierarchy of wealth foundation. – 19:27
  • The difference between conservative and liberal. – 20:57
  • True conservatives are very slow to spend the taxpayer’s dollars. They want the free market to figure it out. 26:57
  • Adversity drives innovation. – 28:27

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