I provide initial takeaways after returning from Aspire Tour Atlanta and turn it over to Patrick Donohoe for a fresh perspective on the Hierarchy of Wealth in an interview with our colleague John Stewart, originally airing on the Perpetual Wealth Strategy podcast.



  • Successful entrepreneurs and business owners like Kevin O’Leary, Jesse Itzler, and Sarah Blakely are mentioned for imparting their wisdom at a particular event.
  • Emphasis is put on consulting with a wealth strategist or financial team before making any important financial decision.
  • The impact of past experiences and their influence on future financial decisions is talked about.
  • The concept of single-dimensional and multi-dimensional approaches to wealth management is conversed.
  • The concept of the hierarchy of wealth is outlined for understanding risk and return associated with various investments.
  • The significance of keeping an emotion-free approach towards financial planning, especially in a technology-driven world, is highlighted.
  • The importance of responsible spending and debt management as components of a good financial strategy are stressed.
  • The universality of the principles of cash flow, protection, and wealth, and their applicability to individual goals are discussed.
  • The hosts express their dedication to personal finance and their eagerness to educate and inspire their audience to elevate their wealth.

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