Your life has a powerful purpose and realizing that at the end, completing the journey is extremely important to you and all those you impact and leave to carry the torch when you’re finished. Most of us don’t know that purpose or why we encounter what we see as setbacks along the way. That’s true for me, I get frustrated when my plan doesn’t play out. My message to myself and Gary’s Gulch today is that we’re not playing out our plan, we’re living out God’s plan and recognizing that is key to a life of peace, abundance, joy and Agency.



  • How problems escalate regardless of one’s wealth
  • Why you should consider the challenges as learning opportunities instead of mistakes
  • The intersection of faith and science, and how believing in things beyond physics is essential for growth
  • Disapproving the belief that resources are diminishing
  • How Gary miraculously survived the accident and how it appeared to be inexplicable on the basis of physics
  • Having the belief that there was a divine intervention that paved the way for his survival
  • The analogy of an archeological dig to find “golden nuggets” or lessons in life
  • Dangers of overconfidence and complacency in life and investing
  • The need to continue contributing to the world and living up to one’s potential


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