We all experience setbacks in our business, investments, and personal lives. Often, we respond by doubling down and working twice as hard, taking on all the extra weight ourselves. I’ve done it too, many times – there is a better way just waiting for you, listen in to find out!


Episode Highlights

  • Analogy of “bailing out a boat” to express dealing with challenges
  • How challenges should be dealt with
  • The importance of controlling oneself
  • Control versus risk in a variety of life’s situations and the importance of self-control
  • Faith-based responses to challenges and finding solace in scriptures
  • Negative self-talk and addressing individual challenges with openness and honesty
  • Coping through hardships without belief in higher power
  • Offer to help others to get through their life
  • Using a Wealth Maximization Account as a tool for financial security
  • The importance of rest, reflection, strengthening faith and moving forward through struggles


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