Julie Holly, host of the Conscious Investor podcast and I discuss what it takes to achieve massive Agency in your life and gain true clarity on your path. Listen in and light that rocket of entrepreneurism that lies patiently inside you!


Episode Highlights

  • Julie Holly’s background as a real estate investor and multifamily syndicator, with a passion for helping individuals with their mindset.
  • Explanation of Julie’s podcast content, offering mindset episodes and interviews with real estate investing experts.
  • Gary’s passion for helping individuals achieve freedom.
  • Gary’s philosophy in building lasting wealth.
  • The value of live events and how they can foster a more tangible sense of community and shared ideologies.
  • Understanding the origins of our financial conditioning, discussing the evolution from individuals being educated to be obedient workers to now being conditioned to let others control their finances.
  • Challenges and confusions around various terminologies used in wealth building, emphasizing that it all fundamentally revolves around the mindset of financial abundance vs scarcity.
  • Reasons why the financial rules on life insurance rarely change are discussed.
  • Challenges faced due to delay in obtaining medical records from the government.

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