Along with partners Paradigm Life, I took a huge leap of faith in sponsoring an event last week and it was incredible, yet it went nothing like what I’d planned and rehearsed – was that bad? Absolutely not. It wasn’t my plan that was playing out. Listen in and find out what I learned in this incredible growth experience!


  • Different stages in life where one would reject or accept the concept of greater power or fate
  • How these perceptions can change over time
  • The role of individuals as instruments of a higher power’s vision and intentions
  • The significance of moments of silence and contemplation in understanding what life path to take
  • How the lack of prayer or seeking spiritual guidance during the course of the incident can result in almost brute-forcing a solution
  • The role of wealth strategists and life insurance advisors as enablers for people to spread their wings while ensuring their family’s security in case of untimely death 

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