In the face of artificial intelligence, state controlled mainstream media blitzes and a move to One World Government, how do you remain safe and prosper? How do you know what is true and what is AI or CGI? Integrity is the key. Be consistent and in alignment with who you are. When others seem inconsistent, not in alignment, maybe that is AI. Ask questions. You have to hone your skills of detecting the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

01:12 – Humans as problem solvers.
02:00 – Stewardship of God’s gifts.
02:18 – Defining integrity.
03:04 – Misconceptions about integrity and righteousness.
04:03 – The Butcher of Tehran as an integrity example.
05:07 – The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing fable.
06:03 – Women’s intuition and detecting deceit.
07:06 – Integrity as a defense against AI misinformation.
08:40 – Distinguishing real from AI-generated content.
12:24 – Supporting Donald Trump and American values.
14:41 – Local action for maintaining freedom.
16:32 – Importance of the upcoming election.
18:04 – Personal alignment with integrity.
20:36 – Role of whole life insurance in wealth strategy.
22:42 – Aligning with like minded individuals and companies.
24:00 – Issues with “pick your brain”; culture and alignment.

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