In this episode I read one of my favorite speeches, Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena, and replay an episode of my good friend Jen McAllister’s podcast where she interviews me on the challenges of my own journey to achieving and growing agency.


  • Jen’s podcast ‘Just Figure It Out’ and how it encourages people to start, to surround yourself with people who can help and to learn from others who have managed to figure things out
  • Gary’s goal in life: To help individuals grow agency in their lives through financial knowledge and resources
  • The importance of integrity in business and practicing what one preaches
  • Why Gary loves his job right now
  • Getting from a dairy farm to a nuclear submarine commander in the Navy
  • His emotional journey after his father’s death and how he was encouraged by his mother and the people around him to continue at the academy
  • How to address any bad news
  • The importance of trust in any relationship

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