I often get asked, is a policy loan best for this purchase (or investment)? My answer ‘It might be! Let’s discuss’. This episode talks about what drives interest rates, where to borrow and why, and the overall impact on your ability to grow your Agency. We cover Direct Recognition loans, Variable vs Fixed rates and much more – come listen so you can grow AGENCY!


Episode Highlights

  • How understanding interest rates can be beneficial
  • Role and importance of understanding how interest rates work over a long period of time
  • How rates for savings accounts might significantly increase in response to Federal Reserve increasing interest rates.
  • The advantages that long-term loans provide for insurance companies.
  • Why insurance companies adjust their rates annually, following their policy of not changing their rates along with the Federal Reserve’s decisions.
  • The importance of seeking out the cheapest form of capital while making an investment, purchase or other financial decisions and establishing that it might not always be one’s policy.
  • Why different institutions are willing to lend money against life insurance policies, underlying the value of the policy’s collateral.

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