I lay out why it is vital to influence those in your circle to vote for freedom over tyranny. This is likely the last time we will get to vote if tyranny takes power in 2025. Please, lay down your reservations about specific issues or mannerisms, this is a simple fight for world freedom over tyranny. We need help from sane Americans to preserve freedom here and across the globe, and to prevent World War III. I also talk about changes you can make in your life, a simple shift in focus that can provide guaranteed returns and propel you towards Agency.


  • Discussion on Biden’s Tax Increases and Foreign Policy
  • Allegations Against George Soros
  • Comparing Trump to a Biblical Figure
  • Introduction of the “Guaranteed” Concept
  • Financial Behavioral Insight: Risk vs. Guaranteed Returns
  • Importance of Paying Off High-Interest Debt
  • Client Story: Impactful Financial Advice
  • Concept of Patience vs. Focus in Financial Decisions
  • Strategies for Avoiding High-Interest Debt
  • Case Studies: Financial Mistakes and Risk Management
  • Building the Hierarchy of Wealth

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