My takeaways from an exciting passive investment opportunity sponsored by my longtime friends Greg Bond, his son Nick, and their associate Nathan Poole in Orlando, Florida. I toured their facility, am sending investment capital and thought you would like to hear my takeaways.

Email me at for a link to a video and photos I took on site.

Episode Highlights

  • Investing in Crypto Mining and Real Estate
  • Exploring the adaptability of a Florida-based company through mining cryptocurrency
  • Getting paid through mining cryptocurrency
  • The different transaction fees and efficiency involving bitcoins
  • What are the benefits of alt coin crypto mining?
  • Maximizing US dollar returns
  • The tax benefits of mining equipment
  • Investing on computers for bitcoin mining
  • The difference between air cooled and liquid cooled equipments for cryptocurrency mining
  • Investment overview for accredited investors
  • Investing in a bear market
  • Benefits of buying mining machines at reduced prices
  • The ROI and returns of investing in crypto mining

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