I jumped on a great recommendation from a friend and listener, Andrew. I expanded on the discussion of how to pass on wealth in trusts with how to prepare our children to be good stewards of that wealth.


  • What to expect for next year
  • Two big things happened during the holiday that changed Gary’s perspective
  • Importance of giving gifts
  • Two books that helped Gary in raising children
  • How to raise financially responsible children
  • Why should you reiterate financial responsibility to your kids
  • 0% interest rates on children’s understanding of money
  • The power of parenting: 12 ways to raise successful children
  • Teaching kids about generosity and entity structures for generational wealth
  • Power of family experiences in business

    Links and Resources from this Episode

  • Perpetual Wealth by Kim Butler
  • Entrusted – Andrew Howell
  • Connect with Gary Pinkerton
  • https://www.paradigmlife.net/
  • gpinkerton@paradigmlife.net
  • https://garypinkerton.com/ 

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