This episode is the tale of two families I know, both have strayed from tier 2, betting on themselves and their directly owned businesses and rentals, into the glitter of the market fairy tale. They were convinced to bet on a good story, not themselves and the assets they control. Come learn why that is always a sucker’s bet.



  • The speaker criticizes Certified Financial Planners (CFP) for not guaranteeing results despite presenting precise financial plans.
  • The emphasis on self-reliance in financial planning is celebrated, suggesting it can lead to greater agency.
  • The second client case study, “Franco”, underlines the importance of self-reliance. Despite having a substantial real estate portfolio, Franco experienced difficulty maintaining his income when he shifted focus away from his personal performance.
  • The speaker dives into the case of his friend Franco, who heavily invested in real estate for cash flow over the past 15 years. He critiques this strategy given the current market environment and emphasizes the importance of owning hard assets.
  • The speaker introduces the acronym I-D-E-A-L as it relates to real estate investment: Income, Deductions, Equity, Appreciation, and Leverage. He encourages a more strategic and sophisticated investment approach.
  • The discussion moves on to the power of leverage in real estate and appreciation, emphasizing their symbiotic relationship. The speaker explains that when one is low, the other tends to be high, showing the resilience of real estate as an investment.
  • A strong note of warning is given against outsourcing one’s financial future to external entities, drawing on examples from specific investment firms. The speaker argues this exposes individuals to unnecessary risk and the ‘market fairy tale’.
  • He strongly urges listeners to not give up agency and control of their financial success, reiterating the benefits of self-reliance and individual responsibility in achieving financial success.


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