Living an inspired and abundant life is the prize and it is made possible through practicing and mastering the quality of Resiliency: Having the perseverance through setbacks to achieve true agency so that you can operate from a place of optimism and abundance of time and resources. That is living an inspired life. Have a listen to find out how to build the life you want.


Episode Highlights

  • Resiliency, its importance, and how it relates to daily success
  • Handling setbacks and the importance of constant growth
  • Philosophy on facing challenges and role of optimism and resilience in the face of adversity
  • The importance of building up small successes, positive mentality and avoiding negative people
  • Personal experiences and lessons on dealing with setbacks and the importance of humility
  • Habit of snoozing the alarm numerous times
  • Power of maintaining small successes as a means of overcoming occasional bad days and to establish resilience
  • The importance of resilience, humility, and the ability to move forward despite obstacles or imperfections


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