Every day, most of us battle the urge to get more stuff, keep up with the Joneses, and feed the ego. If what you are deeply seeking is Agency, the ability to live a righteous life on your terms, then you Must consistently win those battles. Stewardship, not ownership or possession is the key to Agency.



  • Who is Rabbi Daniel Lapin?
  • The biblical parable of the talents, using it to reinforce his point about stewarding
  • How Gary’s wife comes up with a clever solution to his transport problem, enlightening him to the concept of shared economy or stewardship economy
  • The convenience of rental services, like renting a boat instead of owning one
  • The importance of stewarding God’s gifts, including children, using his own experiences with his sons, Ryan and Jake
  • His role as a parent, to protect, guide and share wisdom with his sons as they navigate their lives
  • Analogy about stewarding God’s gifts, likening it to borrowing a car from a friend and making sure it’s returned in better condition

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