I took a few minutes with the CEO of Paradigm Life and my mentor, Patrick Donohoe, during a packed week of working with business owners at the Money Is Mastermind in FL to discuss new features we’ve released for our clients to help them grow the Agency and achieve their financial dreams.

Who’s the Guest?
Patrick Donohoe founded Paradigm Life in 2007 and, like many during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, learned firsthand about the unpredictability of the business environment and economy. That period tested him but also shaped him. Amidst the struggle, he worked tirelessly, providing consultations and webinars to help people navigate the financial storm. This journey compelled Patrick to write “Heads I Win Tails You Lose – A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream” in 2018.

Episode Highlights

  • The ‘Hierarchy of Wealth’ and how it can help you monitor your finances
  • How max-funded Whole Life can be used for loans, buying assets, etc
  • A strategy to use life insurance as an asset replacement
  • How the death benefit of a life insurance policy can be used while one is alive and help in achieving one’s legacy
  • The value of the cash component and guarantees in life insurance policies
  • The various educational content available on the portal, including business strategy, personal finances, and the usage of life insurance in regards to real estate 

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