I recently completed a 3-part series with my friend and mentor, Patrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life, on the value of directly owning rental real estate. It makes sense in all economic environments – Listen in and find out why!



  • The concept of tier two assets and the importance of having direct control over your own real estate and businesses
  • Importance of adapting to new economic environments rather than hoping for a return to previous ones
  • How housing is a constant value-adding factor
  • The importance of the overall portfolio maintaining cash flow, even if each individual property doesn’t
  • The value of combining appreciation and leverage in a property investment strategy
  • How Gary’s passion for real estate has allowed him to improve his financial situation and achieve his goals
  • The intrinsic human value placed on land, as evidenced by early pioneers risking their lives for property
  • The concept of highest and best use in real estate: How it changes with time and depends on human flexibility to redefine its purpose
  • The opportunity to be more efficient with real estate properties through platforms like Airbnb and the availability of capital for mortgages

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