So many people have become frozen in the face of 7% rates, both in their business and their personal life. They’ve put life on hold, growth of their agency on hold because they are fearful of rates. It doesn’t have to be that way! Listen in, gain perspective and get out there and thrive – Grow your Agency!


  • Consequences and impact of high variable interest rates
  • Why you should keep moving forward regardless of interest rates
  • Importance of planning for the future along with current investments
  • Importance of positively cash flowing rental properties to provide stability to one’s portfolio
  • How you can get value out of the high interest rates
  • Deciding between using cash or borrowing against an insurance policy for purchasing a rental property
  • Opportunity cost of using liquid cash to purchase assets
  • How you can thrive in times of high interest rates and inflation with a well-structured investment portfolio

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