I answer a listener’s question on why I like debt so much, and use it as an opportunity to review the multiple dimensions of growing wealth through rental property ownership.

Episode Highlights

  • Puerto Rico trip and consideration of potential tax benefits for moving there
  • Potential tax law changes in the US and implications on investments
  • Upcoming event by Dave Zook on recession-resistant asset classes, car washes, and self-storage
  • Exploring the concept of depreciation in real estate investing
  • Putting a loan on the property increases returns and leveraging it to your advantage
  • Comparing returns of different purchasing methods for property investments
  • Referring to Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of good debt in the context of real estate investments
  • Trading depreciating dollars for hard assets like gold or property
  • Comparing investing in gold vs. real estate to protect wealth from inflation
  • Protecting family’s wealth from inflation through leveraged fixed-rate loans in real estate investments
  • Swimming upstream through buying hard assets using other people’s money with fixed rates
  • Appreciation of rental properties as a not-so-guaranteed component of returns
  • Long-term appreciation in property value tied to the devaluation of the US dollar
  • The belief in good debt and the advantages of having long-term fixed-rate loans on rental properties

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  • https://www.paradigmlife.net/
  • gpinkerton@paradigmlife.net
  • https://garypinkerton.com/
  • Video format – https://youtu.be/Dye6ghFCVIg 

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