In this short episode to start 2024, I reflect on how far we’ve come and what simple steps and focus we need to make this the best year ever. It is not hard, it just takes focus on the right things. Listen in and find out what those are.


  • Recent podcast with Jen, CPA, business owner and accountant discussing business growth.
  • Encouragement to celebrate success and use it as a platform to help others
  • Outlook about the new year as a fresh start and the opportunity to set new goals
  • Imploding woke and DEI movements
  • The importance of self-evaluation and focusing on personal growth
  • Details about Gary’s upcoming solitary time in Texas to reflect and set new directions
  • Significance of focusing on what really matters and getting accountability partners for continued self-progress
  • Why you should never give up regardless of the challenges
  • Importance of attracting like-minded people for mutual growth
  • Comparison of their mission to a baby; if someone supports or helps it grow, they become important.

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