We are all seeking Agency, the ability to live life on our terms, to not be forced to say or do things that we know to be wrong but many do anyway because they feel financially stuck – it doesn’t have to be that way – start today to Right your Ship and point it towards AGENCY!


Episode Highlights

  • The significance of eliminating financial blackmail for achieving and sustaining freedom.
  • Optimism for the restoration of American liberties despite ongoing threats and challenges.
  • How media control and buying off public figures has helped the advancement of communism and socialism in America.
  • The concept of building one’s hierarchy of wealth from the bottom up as a path to achieve agency and an abundant life of freedom.
  • A hypothetical example of an opportunity that arises from being in a position of liquidity.
  • The pursuit of freedom isn’t about attaining material wealth for ostentation, but about cultivating personal agency to help others.

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