With the recent 3 bank failures, rising Fed interest rates, looming market crash, Recession, and Biden’s new Gun Control edict, it is tough for the agency-seekers to maintain a positive outlook. I brought the goods, enjoy this episode!

Episode Highlights

  • Sharing positive messages despite the current events
  • Bank failures as a current event topic that is causing concerns
  • Banks had a mismatch on their assets and liabilities, borrowing short and investing long
  • Depositors saw vulnerabilities due to investments in US
  • Treasuries and their worth was decreasing
  • Matching your assets and liabilities
  • Main challenges that banks are facing
  • The role of federal reserve in fixing issues like bank failures
  • How the SVB loses money
  • Why bond markets crash from time to time
  • The Government and Federal Reserve had two choices:
  • Admit to the ineffectiveness of their efforts or make the bank whole again
  • The government’s plan is to print money to keep the economy strong and enact social programs
  • President Biden’s executive order on gun control

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