A bit of a fun play on phrases, my message here is that the key to growing Agency and preserving freedom in America and the world is to focus on your life and your talents and Master them. Spend less time on the lives of others and more perfecting and sharing your craft, your business with the world. If you’re a master at your craft, then you have unlimited power to the Agency, and therefore you don’t need handouts and entitlements, AND the government has no power over you. Thus the incredible 250 year experiment is safe, we will remain a free people and a beacon of light for the world to follow.



  • The importance of focusing on one’s own tasks and responsibilities and not meddling in others’ business matters
  • Why successful businesses need constant attention and nurturing, and if done right, will not be delegated to others for success
  • Reasons for not venturing into public life because of its invasiveness
  • How societal concerns arise when people forget that they’re in charge, not the government
  • The consequences of forgetting that the people elected the government officials, not the other way around
  • The podcast’s primary lesson is to mind our own businesses by maximizing God-given gifts and talents
  • The pressing need to combat the rising threat of communism within America’s own borders


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