Robert Kiyosaki famously put in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad that your home is a liability, not an asset. He did a great service for those families that struggle with consumption and not saving for retirement, he woke them up. The financially savvy though know better – in a world where fiat currency inflation is the rule, owning the hard asset that you live in is vital to long term wealth. I discuss this and many other aspects of home ownership with my close friend and CEO of Paradigm Life, Patrick Donohoe.


  • Importance of having abundant liquidity and taking financial precautions
  • Lessons learned from investment failures and real estate ventures
  • How property value can influence financial decision-making
  • The significance of primary residence in personal identity and wealth growth
  • Brief on the real estate series discussion and offer of assistance for clients
  • Varied opinions about renting and owning properties, and their potential impact on people’s decision-making
  • Lessons learned from the earlier story about the importance of understanding the exchange principle in property management
  • Consideration of family life and its influence on property decisions
  • Evaluation of the potential wealth growth from buying and owning properties over time
  • Potential advantages of home ownership, including long-term asset appreciation and tax benefits
  • Advantages of investing in property over buying gold due to inherent income-generating potential in property investment
  • Different perspectives and philosophies towards cash flow, property ownership, mortgage terms, and the prime focus on the importance of comprehensive mathematical evaluation behind every financial decision
  • Analysis of the concept of equity and how it fits into property ownership, which discusses the benefits and limitations
  • Different ways to realize home equity, covering risk factors that may come with it
  • Assertion that the real value of a home is what someone is willing to pay for it rather than its listed value which could change overnight
  • Perpetual wealth strategy and how it applies to home ownership
  • The importance of having cash reserves before investing in a property to maintain control and prepare for unexpected expenses
  • How emergency expenses can disrupt cash flow and the importance of having a contingency plan
  • Strategy to optimize wealth with minimized risks
  • How the idea that ‘perfect’ decisions do not exist, and reality is unpredictable thus decisions should be made considering all variables and potential future scenarios

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